Self-Built by Bill Sefton, CPA
If You Think That You Can Do Better With This Presentation;
Just Call Bill.
Having Fun Puts the Energy Into Our Business
Then We Never Tire Of What We Are Doing.
So, What Do You Enjoy Doing Most?
Then Wrap a Profitable Smart Phone Business,
With Conservative Tax Benefits,
Around What You Already Enjoy Doing!

But First, Let Me Introduce Myself...

My Name is Bill Sefton and I earned My...

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Majoring in Economics,
Willamette University

Masters of Accounting Degree,
University of Southern California

Became a
Certified Public Accounant
in 1967

With Over Half A Century of Street-Smart Experience,
56% of Bill's Tax Clients Have Been With Him For Over 30 Years!

Bill's Favorite Strategy Is To Monetize Unprofitable Daily Activities Into A 
Profitable Smart Phone Based Business.

That Said, Let's Proceed...

Our Business Model Is

Simply Sharing,

One Person At A Time, Conversationally...

If There Is No Interest, 
We Change The Subject.

Too Many People 
Talk Too Much;

So We Listen Intently; 
and, Ask Questions
 For Understanding.

We NEVER Want 
To Be Placed Into 
the NFL Club.
('No Friends Left' Club)

My Favorite
 Conversation Opener:

Have You Heard Of 
Stem Cells?

Listen To Their Response, Then Ask...

Did You Know That The Sun
Stimulates Our Own Body
To Create Vitamin D?

This Is Called Photo Therapy; or,
More Precisely, Wave Therapy.

Wave Therapy, 
We Now Can Stimulate 
Our OWN Stem Cells.

No Injections;
No Pills; 
Just a Simple Patch.

If There Appears 
To Be No Interest, 
Then We 
Change The Subject 
and 'Move On'

And Enjoy Whatever We Enjoy Doing, Like...

If Curious, 
We Nurture 
The Conversation, 
And Then Ask,
Would You Like a Link 
to Learn More?
After Collecting 
Their Email Address,
We Send Them 
To Our Website 
To Learn More.
What Are Stem Cells?
From the Mayo Clinic:
Will This Help You?  Others?
There Is ONLY 
One Way To Know...
Test The Patch; and,
LifeWave Actually Offers A
Money Back Guarantee.
How Cool Is That?
Never Heard Of This?
Most People Haven't.
LifeWave Uses
The Same System That
Capital One and Others Use:
Yes, Capital One Also Uses 
Networking Marketing:
From Capital One's Website:
"Share your personal Referral Link with friends. 
If they are not currently a Capital One cardholder
and get approved using your 
(Capital One) link, 
you'll earn $100 for each friend approved — 
get up to $500 for the year."
How Does LifeWave Do It...
1. For a One-Time Business Investment of $ 25, 
Obtain Your Own Referral Link. 
2. Do Your Due-Diligence From The Inside.
3. Unlock The Hard-Science Research Library,
4. Meet Others And Their Personal Experiences,
5. Meet the Independent Health Professionals,
6. Just Like Capital One,
Earn Money as Your Referrals
Use the LifeWave Patches.
You Can Also Ask Bill About This And 
 The Conservative Income Tax Benefits
Have Fun;  Help Others; Make a Profit;  
Become Debt Free; and, Master Your Destiny
This Is So Much Fun...
That The Only Risk Is
That We Talk Too Much,
When We Should Be Listening.

I'm Curious; However, 
Please Tell Me Some More...

For Those That Like A Picture...

For General Educational Purposes Only  - Always Consult a Government Licensed Professional Who Knows Your Situation BEFORE Taking Action.
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