Have Fun; Will Profit
Presented by Bill Sefton, CPA
Having Fun Puts the Energy Into Our Business
Then We Never Tire Of What We Are Doing.
What Do You Enjoy Doing Most?
Let's Wrap a Profitable On-Line Business,
With All Of The Conservative Tax Benefits,
Around What We Already Enjoy Doing!

Our Business Focuses on Learning Personal Financial Self-Reliance

Then Sharing Our Business, One Person At A Time, Conversationally...

Meaning:  If There Is No Interest, We Change The Subject.

Too Many People Talk Too Much;

We Listen Intently; and, Ask Questions For Understanding.

We NEVER Want To Be Placed Into the NFL Club.

For Centuries, There Have Been 4 Basic Personality Codes.

Knowing The Other Person's Personality Code,

Creates a Much More Friendly and Productive Conversation.

Bill's Personality Code is A N B K; What's Yours?

If There Appears To Be No Business Interest, Then We 'Move On'

And Enjoy Whatever We Were About To Do, Like...

What Is The Cost To Join Us?  A One Time Fee of $ 125
So, Let The Fun Begin...
Have Fun;  Make a Profit;  Become Debt Free; Master Your Destiny
For General Educational Purposes Only  - Always Consult a Government Licensed Professional Who Knows Your Situation BEFORE Taking Action.
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